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Guidance and Advisory Services

Our relationship managers and trade finance personnel are here to facilitate international trade and guide exporters and importers through the very technical aspects of arranging to buy & sell goods and services in overseas markets, taking into consideration the variety of banking products available and the application of the relevant trade rules. We have experienced, professionally qualified staff and know our markets well through either having representation in the countries where we do business or by frequent marketing visits.

As a London based bank, coupled with the Group’s branches and international offices
Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd is well placed to provide its clients with a wide range of Trade Finance Products and Services.

In the Middle East as well as in Africa, we can offer a wide range of International Tradeproducts and services, including:

Import and Export Letters of Credit

Confirmation/Silent Confirmation of Export Letters of Credit

Secondary Market Assets Purchases

Import and Export Documentary Collections

Letters of Guarantees

Standby L/C’s

Structured Trade Finance Business

Guidance and Advisory Services

For information about the above services contact:

Tony Hunt
Head of Business Development and Trade Services
Tel: 0207 529 1857

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Frankfurt Branch
Operating as a branch of Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd, Frankfurt office is the only branch of a Lebanese –owned bank in Germany; It holds a full banking license granted by the PRA and FCA in UK and the BaFin in Germany.

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