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Import Letters of Credit

For customers with pre-approved facilities and using our network of correspondent banking relationships, we issue letters of credit on behalf of customers to suppliers located throughout the world for the purchase of goods and/or services.

L/C Terms
Customers/Importers will often require goods within a certain time frame and the documents to evidence that shipment has taken place. A letter of credit allows customers the opportunity to dictate terms in specifying a latest shipment date, documents required and expiry date for presentation of documents. The letter of credit is also limited to value.

Deferred Payment Terms 
LC’s may be issued on deferred payment terms (if agreed with your supplier) giving customers the opportunity to sell the goods before having to issue their payment under the LC.



For further information on any of our Products, contact our Trade Finance Team:

Head of Business Development and Trade Services 
Tony Hunt 
Email: [email protected] 
Tel +44 020 7529 1857    

Head of Trade Finance

Wendy Phillips

Email: [email protected]

Tel +44 020 7529 1867


Import Letters of Credit

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